After we started sending out these newsletters, we quickly saw real results. We got three orders right from our existing subscribers.

From our very first call, Teodor really wanted to get to know everything about our business, who we aim to reach, what other marketing actions we do and what we’ve done before with newsletters. He was all in to help us make things better.

Teodor walked us through the setup needed for our newsletters step by step.


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Thanks to working together, more people started opening our emails, which really improved our revenue.

Working with Teodor on our email marketing was very insightful and valuable for He understood the challenging part of our business – selling discount vouchers for services – and clearly anticipated what we needed.

Teodor went beyond just making a good email marketing strategy; he focused on getting more people to open our emails, giving us both a plan and the tools to make it work. With his help, we set up our newsletter system properly, making sure it matched our marketing goals.


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Teodor helped us to improve our newsletter results

We are a Travel & Events Agency located in Constanța, Romania.

A few months ago, before I met Teodor, our promotional efforts were limited to social media, our website, and our physical office. Occasionally, we sent newsletters to our subscribers but viewed email marketing as a secondary channel, thus not investing much time in it.

Teodor showed us the importance of having a list of people interested in our services (subscribers), and together, we developed a newsletter strategy for the upcoming weeks.

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