Teodor helped us to improve our newsletter results

We are a Travel & Events Agency located in Constanța, Romania.

A few months ago, before I met Teodor, our promotional efforts were limited to social media, our website, and our physical office. Occasionally, we sent newsletters to our subscribers but viewed email marketing as a secondary channel, thus not investing much time in it.

Teodor showed us the importance of having a list of people interested in our services (subscribers), and together, we developed a newsletter strategy for the upcoming weeks.

Operating in the travel industry, we are not experts in designing newsletter content.

Once the strategy was in place, Teodor crafted several templates for us and taught us how to improve our designs. This support allowed us to independently create and send out newsletters with content that has a higher conversion rate.

I highly recommend working with Teodor to those who have a subscriber database and are either unsure of how or what to send in their newsletters, or are too busy with other tasks to manage email communications with their subscribers.


Elena Luiza Oprea

CEO Dolphin Travel & Events


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