Email Marketing Services

Our services range from email and SMS marketing strategies to premium deliverability monitoring and enhancement services.
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Email & SMS Marketing Strategy

Based on your current email activity we will create a plan for

  • Build your subscribers list(s)
  • Add personalization to your emails or SMSes
  • Segment your audience
  • Create a content writing plan
  • Adjust the strategy based on results
Setup & Onboarding

Quick domain and audience setup and Onboarding

We can help you to create an account, add domain authentication, import recipients, create your campaigns and the first email or SMS templates. You will be ready to send emails in no time.

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Email Marketing Execution

You don't have time to create email templates, copywriting or to manage your subscribers lists? We can do all these for you.

Starting with subscribers acquisition and organizing them in campaigns bases on interests, to creating templates and compelling copy to scheduling and sending your newsletters.

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Connect Build your templates
Connect Send your newsletters