3 free methods to grow an email list for your business

If we do not have a budget for growing a subscriber list, there are some things that can be done almost for free to increase an email marketing list:

1. We can add at the footer of all pages a box for subscribing to the newsletter.

– it is present on all pages
– it does not visually disturb site visitors
– it does not take up much space
– it is a common place for such, a place where customers are used to subscribe.
– set and forget: just collect emails from the admin area
– it does not require a specific incentive for subscription (discount code, freebies)

– it is not the most efficient way to collect subscribers, nowadays few people subscribe on their own initiative.

2. Subscription tick for marketing communications when:
Principally, every time they have to agree with the Terms and Conditions of using the platform, this tick can also be added

– Customer creates an account on the site
– Customer places an order

– easy to implement technically
– the subscription process is very easy, just one click, no need to write the email
– it does not require a specific incentive for subscription (discount code, freebies)

– as easy as it was to subscribe, it’s just as easy to unsubscribe in the sense that they might not have been truly interested but clicked on all the buttons 🙂

3. Subscription Pop-Up
A few seconds after entering the site, or when an event is triggered, a pop-up (annoying, sometimes) appears in front of the visitor encouraging them to subscribe.

– captures the visitor’s full attention
– medium level of technical implementation

– may annoy the visitor so much that they leave the site
– usually involves a trade: subscribe and receive something (discount, freebie) – but it can be tried without, maybe it works 🙂

These are the almost free ways that came to my mind now, some work better than others depending on the business and that’s why it’s good to test them all.

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