Reaching the Inbox

Reaching the inbox is equivalent with a high email deliverability.

Email deliverability refers to the success rate of emails being delivered to the recipient’s inbox and not being marked as spam. It depends on various factors like email content, sender reputation, email infrastructure, and recipient engagement.

The email content and recipient engagement can be enhanced by author of the message. The sender reputation and email infrastructure are technical factors usually enhanced by developers or solution architects.

You can send emails for free using your local smtp server but there may be a problem with the server reputation. After sending 20, 50,100 emails, because of the lack of reputation (or even worse, maybe your IP was used before by a server doing spam) your emails will go into the spam folder or can even be blocked by spam filters.

A common procedure for hosting companies is to limit the number of emails sent with their local smtp server each day. So if you need to send more than 2-300 emails in a day, you may be limited by your hosting provider.

Avoid limitations and reputation issues using a email delivery service.

Email delivery services

An email delivery service is a third-party solution that helps send and manage large volumes of emails. It provides tools and technologies to ensure high email deliverability, by optimizing email content, improving sender reputation, and providing robust email infrastructure. These services also provide features like real-time analytics, bounce management, and spam filtering to enhance email marketing efforts.

MessengerOS is integrated with the most important email delivery services in the market (like Sparkpost, Twillio, Gmail, mailsend, etc) so if you already have a subscription, you can still use it. If you don’t have a preferred email delivery service, MessengerOS can use it’s default email delivery service so you don’t have to subscribe to another service.